About Us

We are registered as a Private Vocational Institute under the Private Vocational Institutes Act and are a member of the Manitoba Association of Career Colleges and National Association of Career Colleges.

Mission Statement

Patal believes in a foundation that is built on providing a SAFE, SUPPORTIVE and CARING environment. Patal provides a learning atmosphere that encourages and supports mentorship, team work, dignity, strength and resiliency to achieve personal and career goals.

The Learning Environment

Patal International College offers learning opportunities in instructor-led classes with training based on applying knowledge to practical situations. Our classroom environment is flexible to meet all learning needs and class sizes are small to allow for one-on-one assistance. Staff members with both educational and business experience regularly contact employers to keep training current. Evaluation consists of tests, assignments and final exams. Students must achieve a final mark of 70% in each course to pass.  

Career mapping table - Making a Difference