Special Events

Celebrations at Patal

Patal’s Culinary students bake specialty cakes every month to demonstrate and practice their cake decorating skills, but also to ensure that our students have a birthday cake for their celebration. Patal recognizes the importance of birthday celebrations for everyone and we strive to make the day special.

Patal’s Culinary students also create beautiful wedding cakes for community members.

                       Minnie-Mouse-cake   One-Direction-cake

Every special occasion—Aboriginal Day, Louis Riel Day, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving—are celebrated at Patal. Our Culinary Arts students cook turkey dinners, stews, bannock, desserts and all of the fixings for a feast to share with each other.

What does the Christmas season mean to the people at Patal? Patal will host its yearly Christmas feast with staff and students that will be replete with heaping plates of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, bannock and goodies. The staff take the load off the students for the preparation and will roll up their sleeves to cook and bake for our traditional dinner. Patal makes it a “family affair” so that the holiday season is off to a good start for our students to enjoy including taking home lots of leftovers. Patal’s Culinary Arts students will be cooking up a storm for residents and guests at The Madison Lodge for Siloam’s annual Christmas and Easter dinners.

This is the time of year when we all realize how thankful we are for what we have and for our gifts. The gifts that Patal offers the students are not only the tables laden with food and gifts, but the truest gift of all-- we are here when we are needed the most. Patal’s unique environment and approach encourages the students to believe in themselves and develop positive and lasting relationships. At Patal we build computers, bake cakes, pies, cookies, and cook tasty and delicious meals, but most importantly we focus on building character, skills, and resiliency in all who pass through our doors.


Our class sizes and flexibility in course study meets students’ needs and lifestyle. To ensure a successful outcome for our students, support systems at Patal address barriers to employment and training that our students face. Patal’s successes are our students’ successes and that was very evident at our 2015 Graduation at the North Centennial Recreation Centre. Students received their diplomas in Culinary Arts, Entry Level Baking, PC Service Technician and Network Management, and Office Administration.